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#HareemFarooq One of my most fondest memories of my childhood is my Dada Abu watching Madam Noor Jehan’s Anarkali with me and my sister. He Adored Madam so much that i as a kid started developing the same kind of love for her and unknowingly i would start lip syncing everytime ‘sada hoon apnay pyar ki* would play. I remember being so fascinated by her beautiful and unmatched expressions that i just couldn’t take my eyes off her. Her voice was so magical and full of expression that it would just make me want to sway and act on it as she sang. As i grew up i realised her true worth and what she meant to me as an artist and foremost as a proud Pakistani. I started getting inspired by her addayen, her fearlessness and especially the love she had for herself and everybody around her. There is absolutely no doubt that my respect for her is immeasurable and my love for her is boundless.Recently a dear friend of mine made me listen to this audio gem he found on Youtube of Madam from 1959 where she was present at a gathering and graced everyone with her magical voice unplugged. The moment i heard the track it instantly took me back to my childhood. I honestly couldn’t help but lip sync it with all my heart. If she was with us today I, while being start struck, would’ve told her that her personality, her acting, her voice and her entire being was a blessing to the world. What i share with you all today is extremely special and dear to my heart. In all honesty, it is only a fraction of what i call a tribute to an icon. All I’ve tried to do is, very nervously, pour my heart out, with the purest of intentions, in this video to her angelic voice and do all my best to perform the expressions i felt while listening to it. I humbly post this with all my love and adoration for Madam Noor Jehan and nothing more. We miss you Madam and thank you for all your efforts in making Pakistan proud and being an such an inspiration for the world to remember. Disclaimer: Again, this video is not a comparison in an shape or form. I can only imagine/dream to achieve the greatness that was Malika e Taranum in this lifetime.

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