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#SamanthaAkkineni Today was fun learning about bio enzymes from my friend @greenfeetcleanfeet 💚What is a Bioenzyme ? Bioenzymes are natural organic cleaners made from fermenting citrus peels . They can be used as floor cleaners, bathroom cleaners, glass cleaners, for dishwashing, laundry etc .. Bioenzymes contain good bacteria which breakdown stains and grime from a multitude of household surfaces.Why Bioenzymes ? Bioenzymes are natural cleaners and can keep your house free from the nasty and toxic chemical cleaners. Also they are great going down your drain.. Apparently 1 litre of bioenzyme can decontaminate 1000 litres of water.. so you help your environment too.How to make your own Bioenzyme ? ▶️3 parts fruits peels or 300 grams ▶️1 part jaggery or 100grams▶️10 parts water or 1litre▶️1 part yeast (yeast here refers to a previous batch of bioenzyme which helps speed up the fermentation process from 3 months to 1 month). Mix everything in an airtight screw-on lid plastic container and store in a dark corner in your kitchenThe first 10 days, the container needs to be opened every day for a few seconds Post that every alternate day should sufficeAt the end of 3 months/1 month, strain the contents and squeeze out all the extra goodness. The pulp that is left after straining can be blended and used as a concentrated cleaner for tough stains.. It can also be used as a starter for a new batch of bioenzyme.The liquid we have post straining is ready to be used.. Voila 💚 #bioenzyme #naturalcleaner #ecofriendly #sustainable #toxinfreeliving #cleanwaterways

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